The Little Book That Builds Wealth

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The Little Book That Builds Wealth: The Knockout Formula for Finding Great Investments

In The Little Book That Builds Wealth, remarkable author Pat Dorsey unveils why economic moats, or competitive advantages, are strong indicators of substantial long-term investments. This book analyzes four of their most common sources: intangible assets, customer-switching costs, cost advantages, and network economics. Along the way, Dorsey expertly outlines this proven strategy and reveals how it can effectively applied to investment endeavors. Although the concept of economic moats is not a new one, the modern-day investor can benefit from what it has to offer. With this volume as your guide, you'll quickly learn why moats should be a vital part of your analytical investment toolkit.

"A detailed exploration of Warren Buffet's "wide economic moat"concept - how to find companies with a true in-built competitive advantage."

Financial Times

"Pat Dorsey...discusses in an easy to read style why economic moats are such great indicators of long term performance."

Pensions World

"The Little Book That Builds Wealth provides a sensible framework for identifying companies that can sustain high returns on capital. Pat Dorsey tells the reader how to look for durable competitive advantage in choosing equities. His four sources of structural competitive advantage: (1) intangible assets; (2)switching costs; (3) network effect; and (4) cost advantage are particularly valuable in selecting long-term equity commitments."

Louis A. Simpson, President and Chief Executive Officer,Capital Operations, GEICO Corporation

"Pat Dorsey provides a practical framework for integrating the realities of a changing future into today's investment decisions. A little art and a little science—key ingredients to successful long-term investing."

Larry D. Coats, Chief Executive Officer, Oak Value Capital Management, Inc.

"Spend two evenings reading Pat Dorsey's The Little Book and you'll cast away all the techniques that failed for you in the past. This is the definitive text on how to identify strong-performing businesses for your portfolio and, more importantly, how to avoid thousands of investments that won't stand the test of time. It's must reading for every investor."

Timothy P. Vick, Senior Portfolio Manager, The Sanibel Captiva Trust Co., and author of How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett