Trading With Cody

Trading With Cody features real-time trades and long-term technology investments that are about to change the world. The way to make the biggest and safest returns in the markets is by finding the trends that are about to revolutionize the world and investing in the companies best positioned to profit from those trends. And that's what Trading With Cody is all about. If you're interested in becoming a better investor and learning how to spot these opportunities for yourself, this premium service is for you.


  • A list of all of Willard's positions in order of largest to the smallest.
  • Immediate updates via email and the site when Willard makes a trade. He lists what stocks, options, cryptocurrencies, or other assets he's buying as he's buying them with detailed analysis, time-frame, and other expectations.
  • Cut-throat and provocative economic and market analysis articles often with “Must-read links.”
  • A weekly one hour, anything-goes chat with Willard.
  • Access to regular chat room discussions, available for daily updates as the market moves.
  • Access to all of Willard's investment books.