Founding Date

Accumulate is an identity-based, high-performance blockchain that enables interoperability with other protocols and the development of scalable crypto apps. Accumulate is based on identity and shifts the paradigm for how blockchains manage data, tokens, and users. As a universal interconnect protocol, Accumulate enhances any Layer 1 or 2 protocol with interoperability, higher throughput, low predictable costs, enhanced security, URL addressing, key management, and robust digital identity capabilities. It is a high-performance blockchain for DeFi, integrating blockchains, protocols, oracles, and applications. The Accumulate protocol is based on many of the best concepts that came from the Factom protocol, including data and identity focus while combining the components in a new and unique configuration.


  • Low Cost Transaction Fees - Low and predictable transaction fees at an average of $0.025 per transaction.

  • Endless Scalability - 70,000 transactions per second (TPS) makes Accumulate one of the fastest blockchains.

  • Remarkable Speed - 1-second transaction settlement time means less waiting time.

  • Crosschain Interoperability - Anchor proof with other layer 1 protocols enables real world interoperability.

  • On & Off Chain Integration - A parallel and tiered smart contract model supporting DApps.

  • Identity Based Transactions - User friendly addresses enable easier transactions.