Centerbridge Partners

Centerbridge Partners is a multi-strategy private investment manager with a flexible approach to investing across private equity, distressed and special situations, and real estate. It is an active partner dedicated to employing an all-weather approach to identifying and executing investment opportunities. The firm's proven approach is based on generating enduring value through economic cycles.


Private Equity

The private equity platform currently totals approximately $14 billion in capital commitments across three closed-end funds. Centerbridge consistently looks to back strong management teams to effectuate operational improvements and other value-creating strategies that grow their businesses in responsible ways.

Credit, Distressed Strategies and Special Situations

The credit, distressed strategies & special situations platform currently totals over $12 billion in assets under management across one open-end and three closed-end funds. Employing an active investment approach across credit and related strategies, Centerbridge seeks to identify instruments and assets that have been either overlooked or misunderstood by the market.

Real Estate

Since the Firm’s inception, approximately $8 billion has been deployed in real estate investments across three core strategies: corporate platforms, loans and securities, and direct assets. the Firm continues to apply its nimble approach to investing in real estate, with additional flexibility since the launch of CPREF.

Assets under management: $25 billion (circa 2019)