New England Complex Systems Institute

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The New England Complex Systems Institute is an independent academic research and educational institution that has been highly instrumental in the development of complex systems science and its applications. A pioneer in the field of complex systems science, NECSI draws on foundations from mathematics, physics, and computer science to expand the boundaries of knowledge and solve problems of science and society. The institution's tools overcome the limitations of classical approximations for the scientific study of complex systems, such as social organizations, biological organisms and ecological communities. NECSI solves problems in the areas including economics, healthcare, education, military conflict, ethnic violence, and international development, among others. In addition, the institute conducts classes, seminars and conferences to assist students, faculty and professionals in their understanding of complex systems. NECSI also sponsors postdoctoral fellows, provides research resources online, and hosts the International Conference on Complex Systems.


  • NECSI advances fundamental science and its applications to real world problems, including social policy matters.

  • NECSI studies how interactions within a system lead to its behavioral patterns, and how the system interacts with its environments.

  • NECSI develops novel mathematical approaches and applies them to issues important to science and society.

  • The institute studies networks, agent-based modeling, multiscale analysis and complexity, chaos and predictability, and evolution, among others.

  • The institute also studies biodiversity, altruism, biology, cellular response, health care, negotiation, military conflict, ethnicity, and international development.