Wall Street Consensus Monitor


The Wall Street Consensus Monitor tracks ideas from top stock market publications and gathers recommendations to build tables of consensus buy recommendations. The WSCM tracks scores of these well-established investment newsletters and selects the most successful ones during the last few definable market intervals. The WSCM aligns the positive buy opinions existing among the most successful investment newsletters, including news briefs concerning analysts' comments and actions, and a wider view of the universe of buy recommendations of the top consensus stocks from many investment newsletters.

  • WSCM monitors the performance of approximately 140 well established stock investment newsletters. 

  • The newsletters are judged on their total return during a selected trailing period of time, leading up to the current market phase at the time of selection.


  • Roster of Top Performing Newsletters

  • Additions to Top Consensus Buy Recommendations

  • Deletion From Top Consensus Buy Recommendations

  • Increase in Number of Recommendations

  • Decrease in Number of Recommendations

  • Top Consensus Buy Recommendations

  • Concurrent Consensus Recommendation by Newsletter

  • Additional Newsletter Listings and Research Ratings

  • News Briefs

  • Newsletter Contact Information