1981 to ??? Bond Bull Market

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1981 to ??? Bond Bull Market
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The period from 1981 to 2016/2018 can generally be classified as a bond bull market (rates went down and prices went up)

  • Started in 1981 when Treasury Yields were 15%
  • Concerns that the bond bull market are over as of 2016 - 2018 (still tbd)
    • 11.9 Trillion of negative yielding debt may mark the top in 2016
  • Many have warned that the bull market ended many times during this period, but it came back to life
  • The bull market was spurred on from 2008 onwards with quantitative easing and fed interest rate polices
  • There were short-term pullbacks in bond prices during this time (examples)
    • late 2010 -- early 2011
    • early -- late 2013