Cal Boender

Cal Boender

Formal First Name
Calvin (Cal)

Cal Boender is the Founding Owner, President, and Chief Executive Officer of North Development. He has led the firm's diversification into diverse markets, including selective real estate sales and cash-equivalent investment. With over 35 years of real estate experience, Boender has developed a number of business skills, including strategic thinking, problem-solving, business management, and employee development and training. He focuses on investing in and redeveloping residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Boender was raised in the Dutch Christian Reformed area of Highland, Indiana
  • He now resides in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two dogs, where he enjoys reading and biking.
  • He is a major contributor to various philanthropic causes and non-profit organizations that address the needs of children and less fortunate individuals. 



  • Boender says that he is not the sole power driving his financial success; the economic cycles were absolutely in control. 
  • He says that if your goal is a continued success, you should never try to flow against these cycles.
  • He believes that the underlying historical cycles in the marketplace are an essential aspect of his business decisions.
  • Being a garbage truck driver taught him the Chicago street grid, a knowledge that has been fundamental when looking for real estate development projects in the city.
  • His college education put him in a position to meet his first business partner, Doug Masolink.