Elaine Ly

Elaine Ly

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Elaine Ly is a Newsdesk Producer at CNN, a global news-based television channel. She has more than 10 years of experience in newsgathering, package producing, and presenting for television and online. Prior to CNN, Ly was a Studio Producer at South China Morning Post. In this previous role, she was responsible for researching, pitching, editing, presenting, and publishing her interviews and content which reaches over 10 million-plus views. She also managed and assigned the day-to-day operations and organized studio-based interviews and shoots.

Professional Experience

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  • Ly started her career as a Freelancer for NBC International News, where she covered Arab Spring, London Riots, and London Olympics.
  • As the Amanpour Associate Producer, she researched, edited, and produced high-profile news-making interviews.
  • She has worked for other international bureaus such as Hong Kong for breaking news coverage on North Korea and CNN headquarters in Atlanta
  • She has hosted various Facebook lives and produces content for CNN.
  • She launched Listen to Her, a female empowerment series where she interviews impactful and high-achieving women across Asia
  • She has reported on topics related to politics, technology, and US-China relations. 
  • She has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.
  • She has lived in London, Seoul, and Hong Kong.