Kris Sidial

Kris Sidial

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Kris Sidial is Co-Chief Investment Officer at The Ambrus Group, a volatility arbitrage-focused firm dedicated to statistical outliers in the U.S. equity space. His funds’ primary objective is to make outsized returns in the event of a market crash, and therefore serves as a portfolio hedge for investors with heavily weighted long exposure. Sidial is a seasoned derivatives trader with a rich history in the volatility space. He brings a unique blend of trading experience, having traded all three main areas, prop, buy-side, and sell-side, throughout his career on Wall Street. Prior to Ambrus, he spent nearly 4 years as a part of the trading team at one of the largest Canadian investment banks in North America, BMO Capital Markets, where he was a part of the exotic derivatives and listed options trading team.

Professional Experience

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  • Sidial leads the firm in providing a variety of quantitative and discretionary techniques to identify and trade mispricings.

  • The Ambrus Group has a strong track record of performance. The firm has also been able to weather market downturns relatively well.

  • The firm is known for its sophisticated trading strategies and its strong risk management culture.


  • For him, trading and risk management is a passion. 

  • He began his career under the wing of the legendary CBOE trader, Robert Kanter, laying a solid foundation in volatility trading.

  • He further honed his skills as a proprietary trader at both Xanthus Capital and Chimera Securities.