Mitch Swergold

Mitch Swergold

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Mitch Swergold is the Founder and President of Self-Mastery Gym. He is a writer, corporate trainer, and consultant with a background in various fields, including psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, epigenetics, strategic intervention coaching, and Buddhism. Swergold utilizes a mixture of these arts to significantly change his clients' perspective towards the world, improve relationships with others and live happier, healthier, lower stressed, more fulfilling lives.

Professional Experience

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  • Swergold travels extensively to conduct trainings all over the country
  • He uses and teaches meditation to help business people realize their truth, shift perspective and improve their ability to meet client needs.
  • He helps money managers, bankers, lawyers, and corporate clients make better decisions, increase productivity, reduce stress, and optimize their performance by training our most important asset: the body-mind.


  • Swergold has appeared as a guest at the 2021 Real Vision Festival of Learning.