Rolf Hoefer

Rolf Hoefer

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Rolf Hoefer is a subject matter expert in the blockchain and fintech sectors, with particular expertise in network incentives and token economy. Rolf is the Founder of Numomo, a creative NFT agency focused on collecting and exhibiting NFTs, and Cultur3 Capital, a decentralized metaverse investing in token and equity opportunities in the blockchain space. A serial founder and entrepreneur, he focused on designing decentralized networks, translating business to tech needs and steering the company towards practical innovation. Previously, he co-founded several ventures, including Savvy and Keyless, which raised millions of dollars. Rolf’s PhD dissertation was about building, managing and valuing blockchain and crypto asset based systems, particularly specific digital systems other than pure digital currency systems, such as crypto asset based organizations.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • He was Co-founder of Savvy, an all-in-one, non-custodial, chain-agnostic, smart aggregator web wallet.

  • During his tenure at Keyless, a privacy-preserving protocol, the company's valuation increased to $10M.

  • He has been extensively published, including in the well-known Academy of Management Review.

  • He has co-authored and led a report focused on fintech and entrepreneurship, which was presented at the European Commission in 2013.

  • He is a part of a number of decentralized autonomous organizations, including MetaCartel Ventures DAO.

  • He holds Bachelor degrees in the Arts and in Business from USC, as well as a Masters and a PhD degree in Management from INSEAD.