Tom Burgis

Tom Burgis

Formal First Name
Thomas (Tom)

Tom Burgis is an award-winning investigative journalist with the Financial Times, bestselling author and notable keynote speaker. He is the author of Kletopia, a book that chronicles the world of dirty money, with its complex web of criminals, money launderers, and politicians who enable it. He is also the author of The Looting Machine, which provides perspective on the exploitation of Africa. Previously, he was the West Africa correspondent for the Financial Times, based in Lagos, Nigeria, and was the newspaper's Johannesburg correspondent. Prior to joining the Financial Times, he was a freelance writer and spent a year in South America, focusing mostly on Chile's attempt to bring Augusto Pinochet to justice. Throughout his career, Tom has exposed several significant corruption scandals, covered terrorist attacks, coups and forgotten conflicts and traced dirty money across the world. He has interviewed with the richest woman in Africa and the boss of the Moscow mafia, and produced the most comprehensive report on Tommy Mair, the reclusive neo-Nazi who murdered a British MP days before the Brexit referendum.

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  • Tom is a long-standing member of the Financial Times' investigations team.

  • He has exposed major corruption scandals, covered terrorist attacks, coups and forgotten conflicts.

  • He traced dirty money from the Kremlin to Washington.