Tren Griffin

Tren Griffin

Formal First Name
Trenholme (Tren)

Tren Griffin is a Senior Director at Microsoft, responsible for program management, strategy, competitive analysis and business development with focus on software platforms and business models. He also creates and helps execute go-to market plans, working closely with Microsoft’s engineering and marketing teams. Griffin is also the man behind 25IQ, an economics and technology blog. Most recently, he was a Partner at Eagle River, a private equity firm with investments in startups and the telecommunications sector. He served as Vice President of Strategy at XO Communications, and was the fourth person to join Teledesic, a global broadband satellite communications startup, which raised over a billion dollars at a valuation of more than $3 billion. Griffin is also the bestselling author of 4 books, including "Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor."

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Griffin served as Senior Director at U.S. West NewVector Group, one of the two original mobile operators in the Pacific NorthWest.

  • He served as a consultant at Kim and Chang, focused on joint ventures, taxation and intellectual property licensing.

  • He also served as a foreign consultant for Stephen Jaques, where he did business in Australia and Asia.