99 Financial Terms

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99 Financial Terms: Every Beginner, Entrepreneur & Business Should Know

99 Financial Terms is a practical glossary containing 99 important, and most commonly used business finance terms and definitions in alphabetical order. It was written with an emphasis to quickly grasp the context without using jargon. Every financial term is explained in detail, with a clear and concise article style description and practical examples. Now, whether you are a salaried person, a startup enthusiast, a business owner, or a common man, this set of 99 financial basics shall help you manage your money in a much better way.

"99 financial terms every beginner, entrepreneur, and business should know (financial IQ series book 1) by Thomas Herold is a great explanation common financial terms like net income, earnings before interest, tax depreciation, amortization, generally accepted accounting principles, earnings per share. I don't understand much of the financial jargon or investment concepts but found this book is highly informative and easy to read. It gives you a heads up on managing finances and presents worlds of finance, explains how you can improve your business There are many books about finances, investing, and owning your own business on the market. This one is my recommendation for you. It's only 211 pages but so helpful. So if you need to change your financial life or business then this book will lead you to another level of understanding, empower you to budget, help to save. Enjoy and grow your finances!"                                                                                         

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