ETF 20/20

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ETF 20/20 offers a low-cost way to stay in the market through ups and downs, with a resilient portfolio you can buy and hold. It concentrates exclusively on helping you become a successful long-term ETF investor. It offers a full portfolio set up to every subscriber. If you desire to establish a diversified, solid, stable, portfolio of ETFs to help guarantee your financial future, then this premium service is for you. It helps you express macro views, select the best ETFs for your demands, and avoid the possible dangerous ETFs swirling around the markets.


Instant access to a diversified portfolio

When you subscribe, you’ll immediately get access to my full portfolio—diversified and weighted according to my conviction and our risk tolerance.

Sharp macro analysis from an industry veteran

One of my main strengths is seeing the bigger picture, especially when others are not seeing it.

Actionable advice, month by month

Every month, you’ll get a full issue of ETF 20/20 delivered to your inbox: updating the portfolio, revealing my latest investment ideas, and more.

Maximizing returns while also minimizing risk

Successful investing is not just about returns. It’s about minimizing volatility (and minimizing the risk that you’ll panic sell on a dip)


So much of the financial world is "heads I win, tails you lose" and that includes newsletter publishing, too. I personally invest in all the same themes you find in ETF 20/20. I believe in what we are doing here.