iREIT on Alpha

iREIT on Alpha is a comprehensive, institutional-quality real estate investment research service that uncovers the best of the best real estate securities. This premium service utilizes an unmatched suite of research tools to navigate the largest and most critical asset class in the world. Whether you have a few hours per day or a few hours per month to dedicate to real estate investing, iREIT on Alpha is your one-stop-shop for research and portfolio strategy to attain high-quality, total return, and sustainable income.


✓ Exclusive Investment Research

As a subscriber, you’ll have complete access to an archive of thousands of published research reports going back to December 2010. You’ll also receive early access to more widely-published research, including market-moving calls, 24-48 hours before the general public. 

✓ iREIT Portfolio Tracker

Whether your focus is on immediate income, long-term growth, or the best of both worlds, iREIT on Alpha's six high-performance portfolios has something for you.

✓ iREIT Ratings Tracker

This service offers the most comprehensive coverage universe of real estate securities. Here, you can get ratings and valuations on more than 200 equity and mortgage REITs across every real estate sector. 

✓ iREIT Real Estate ETF Tracker

The only real estate-focused ETF Tracker service available covers more than 60 real estate ETFs that can complement and “anchor” an actively-managed strategy of picking individual REITs.

✓ Earnings Tracker

With iREIT on Alpha, expect to see updates on company announcements and quarterly results on over 150 REITs. 

Real Estate Robo Investor

Real Estate ETF Tracker offers four Real Estate ETF model portfolios that are tilted toward income, growth, renters, and owners. This comes complete with a tax-loss harvesting strategy to maximize total returns.

Additional Benefits to Enjoy

  • Morning “REIT Beat” – Every single morning, members will receive a snapshot of significant news and events of the past 24 hours, including analyst upgrades/downgrades, mergers and acquisitions, an aggregation of published articles, and much more.
  • Real Estate Rentonomics – iREIT Marketplace subscribers will receive real-time analysis on the economic data that moves the commercial and residential Real Estate markets. 
  • Management Access – Subscribers will have exclusive Q&A interviews with REIT management teams, giving them the opportunity to suggest questions for discussions.
  • Preferred REIT Picks – Rubicon Associates, a CFA with 20 years’ experience, provides weekly commentary in the form of articles and messaging on the chat board.
  • Weekly Top Idea List – Far-reaching REIT explorations screen more than 150 REITs daily using the iREIT Ratings Tracker, providing members with a weekly rundown of the Top Ideas.
  • Active Chatroom – Post your questions for Brad and the team, or other members of iREIT on Alpha. You’re also read discussions, updated info, the latest news, analyst updates, and more.
  • Weekly REIT RAP Call – Join the live call via UberConference on Fridays at 2:00 p.m. EST, online or by phone, for a 30-45 minute discussion that recaps the week.