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TheStreet Quant Ratings

TheStreet Quant Ratings is a proprietary stock rating service that serves as your ultimate stock idea generator. The premium newsletter delivers winsome buy and sell recommendations everyday, putting your portfolio through the tough examination it must pass to succeed. It uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze over 4,300 stocks based on 32 data points and assign them buy, hold, or sell ratings. By allotting only a few minutes everyday, you will uncover the winning companies you should buy and losers you should sell immediately. 


  • Valuable stock screener. 

Its data-driven approach takes emotion out of the decision-making process. 

  • In-depth stock analysis. 

It uses its state-of-the-art model to evaluate every stock on 32 different data factors, sifting through income statements, cash flow data, balance sheet metrics, valuation, volatility and much more.

  • Daily, updated research on over 4,100 stocks. 

It is updated every day and for every stock we cover, you can receive an in-depth, 5-page research report any time you desire.


  • Quantitative approach. 

Utilizes data-driven analysis, potentially eliminating emotional biases.

  • Broad coverage. 

Covers a large number of stocks, which can be helpful for finding potential investments.

  • Easy to use. 

Provides simple buy/hold/sell recommendations, making it accessible for beginner investors.

  • Historical performance. 

In some periods, particularly 2014, the service reportedly outperformed the market averages.


  • Mixed historical performance. 

While there have been periods of outperformance, other periods have shown negative returns.

  • Short term focus. 

Ratings are updated daily, potentially promoting a buy-and-sell mentality rather than long-term investing strategies.