Selected Topics in Bond Portfolio Management


The bond market is one of the largest and most important financial markets in the world. For professional investors, building and managing a portfolio of bonds to achieve above-market returns is a continual challenge. Selected Topics in Bond Portfolio Management discusses state-of-the-art strategies for managing indexed, corporate, high-yield, municipal, and global bond portfolios. Each chapter includes questions and answers to enhance the reader's understanding.

Table of Contents


  1. Measuring and Managing Interest-Rate Risk (S. Richard and B. Gord)

  2. Active Bond Portfolio Management: An Expected Return Approach (F. Trainer, Jr.)

  3. Managing Indexed and Enhanced Indexed Bond Portfolios (K. Volpert)

  4. Global Corporate Bond Portfolio Management (J. Malvey)

  5. Managing Municipal Bond Portfolio (J. Slater)

  6. Managing a High-Yield Bond Portfolio (J. Madden and J. Balestrino)

  7. International Bond Portfolio Management (C. Steward and J. Lynch)

  8. Using Busted Convertibles to Enhance Performance (W. Leach)

  9. Managing a Fixed Income Portfolio Versus a Liability Objective (R. Ryan)

  10. Fixed Income Attribution Analysis (F. Jones and L. Peltzman)

  11. Bond Convexity: Hidden Risk, Hidden Value (K. Grant)

  12. A User's Guide to Buy-Side Bond Trading (R. Gerber)