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Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth

Bonds is the classic guide to demystifying the bonds market. It exposes the myth of stocks' superior investment returns and proposes an all-bond portfolio as a sure-footed strategy that will ensure positive returns. Designed to educate novice and sophisticated investors alike, as well as to serve as a tool for financial advisers, the book explains why and when bonds can be the right choice. Presenting a broad spectrum of bond-investment options, and describing how to purchase bonds at the best prices, Bonds shows how to make real money by investing in bonds.

“There’s no such thing as risk-free investing, but Bonds, Second Edition gives investors practical advicecon ways to minimize risk while growing their assets.”

— Bill D’Alonzo, Chief Executive Officer of Friess Associates, manager of the Brandywine Funds family of growth-stock mutual funds

“Over the past decade, the “truth” that investment in equities is a sound and perhaps the surest path to long term portfolio success has been severely tested. The Richelsons make a persuasive case for taking a path less traveled – that of investing in individual bonds. With historical examples comparing the stock and bond markets, risk-reward analyses, and exploring the “magic” of compounding, the book is at a minimum a fascinating read and for many will be a blueprint for revolutionary new portfolio design.”

— Victor Keen, Of Counsel, Duane Morris LLP

“Hildy and Stan have written the ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bonds But Were Afraid to Ask’ book. This book provides clear and concise insights into bond investing.”

— Alan Schapire, CFP®, CPA/PFS, Principal, Libra Financial Planning

“Stocks are always risky, no matter the long-run. Bonds should always have a place in investment portfolios. Stan and Hildy have been saying this correctly for years. Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth, now in its second edition, is one of the best in-depth reviews of wisely navigating the bond markets and how to practically implement thoughtful strategies for financial advisors and advisor-clients alike. Fellow colleagues, this is a must-read.”

— Michael Dubis, CFP®, President, Michael A. Dubis Financial Planning; Adjunct Lecturer, University of Wisconsin Graaskamp Center for Real Estate; past NAPFA National Conference Chair

Bonds still aren't part of the nation's financial culture, years after this book's first edition and through the stock market's ups and downs. Don't blame the Richelsons. Better yet, leaf through their book for a detailed examination of the only investment where income is king.”

— Joe Mysak, editor of Bloomberg Brief's daily Municipal Market

Bonds, Second Edition explains the reality of today’s complex world of investing. It shows how Bonds can be more predictable and more profitable for somebody’s financial future. The Richelsons take the facts of investing and they explain how to make it safe. What could be better than that?”

— Paul H. Frankel, Partner, Morrison & Foerster

“The Richelsons have advocated the virtue of bonds long before they became in vogue when the stock market tsunami hit every American in 2008/2009. The second edition of their book about bonds is a must-read for anyone who hasn’t invested in bonds because they don’t understand them, or, who wants to understand what they already own. Stan and Hildy’s passion for bond investing is contagious.”

— Kent R. Addis, Jr., President, Addis & Hill, Inc.

“With every conceivable bond topic discussed in plain English, this book is the most useful and practical guide to bond investing. If you're looking for the "how-to" and "why" of prudent bond investing, this book is for you. In thoughtful reflection, the 2nd Edition will enhance your understanding of the 2009 credit crisis, and will help you steer clear of bond investing mistakes.”

— Jeffery B. Broadhurst, MBA, CFA, CFP, President of Broadhurst Financial Advisors, Inc.

“Finally an up-to-date practical book on fixed income vehicles as well as the strategy in using them. A must-have resource for all levels of investors as well as advisors interested in growing their assets as securely as possible. Readers will truly benefit from Hildy and Stan Richelson's independent thinking and experience on effectively using this major asset class.”

—  Harry Scheyer, CPA/PFS, CFP, Pinnacle Financial Advisors

“A great insight on understanding bond portfolios. It is an area of investing that is often overlooked and not understood.”

— Fred Amrein, Founder & Principal, Amrein Financial

"In the last financial crisis, Stan and Hildy Richelson's lessons about the dangers of having risky investments were learned by millions of people the hard way―by losing their money. In this book, the Richelsons educate investors about how to build safe portfolios with secure income that will enable them to enjoy the fruits of their labors."

— Kevin Adler, MBA, Editor, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

"In their timely second edition of Bonds: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment Growth, Hildy and Stan Richelson provide the antidote for investors beset by erratic and volatile stock performance. Their compelling case for a high-quality bond strategy is well laid out for the prudent investor, along with extensive, practical information to help assess the opportunities and pitfalls in the fixed-income markets."

— Andrew B. Williams, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Philadelphia International Advisors

"In the first edition of this wonderful book, the Richelsons argued that stocks and diversified portfolios would not outperform a carefully constructed bond portfolio. And that was before the 2008 Great Recession! Those who did not listen to them would be wise to grab and use the newly revised edition of this masterpiece."

— Sam Kirschner, PhD, Managing Director, MayerCap, LLC, coauthor, The Investor's Guide to Hedge Funds