Stocks A Newbies' Guide


Stocks A Newbies' Guide is a no-nonsense straightforward guide to the stock market and the way it works. This book assumes no prior knowledge of the stock market. Starting at the beginning explains what it is about, and goes on to tell you how you can take part in it. This book shows you how and why different strategies work so that you can decide for yourself which you are going to use for your money. The skills you learn will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

You will find out: 

  • How to spot good value in a stock
  • When the growth and value are not everything
  • How to use a free stock screener to pinpoint your best investments
  • What "alpha" and "beta" really mean, and does it matter to you?
  • Just how poorly the so-called "experts" perform
  • When and why you should rebalance your portfolio