The Lead-Lag Report

The Lead-Lag Report gives you powerful market insights to improve your long-term investment strategy. It combines detailed risk analysis with tactical investment opportunities and delivers those insights directly to you every day. If you’re a smart investor interested in maintaining a high-performing portfolio in volatile markets, this report is for you. The Lead-Lag Report teaches you exactly what you need to know to consistently win in the stock market and minimize your risks. Most importantly, you’ll be able to capitalize on market trends before most investors are even aware of them.


High-yield investment strategies that teach you how to lock in 10%+ returns over the long-term.

 In-depth market analysis that outlines the key data points and insights you need to maintain a high-performing portfolio each week.

 Weekly risk assessment overview so you can keep your portfolio optimized for risk throughout all market conditions.

 Access to a private chat room where you can interact directly with Michael Gayed, expert investors, and market analysts.