The Options Trader

The Options Trader is a premium trading service for investors who want to add leverage to their portfolio. It introduces an options trading strategy that has produced impressive investment returns.


Advanced notice of trades that DiCecco will be recommending

There is often a one or two day lag between the time he decides to enter a trade and when an article gets published publicly. 

✓ Real-time alerts for all the trades

In addition to the trade recommendations he makes in his articles, DiCecco also enters many other options trades that are not made available to the public.

✓ Direct access to the MGQ for any stock you may be following.

Want to know the MGQ for a stock that you are invested in or thinking about investing in? Just ask. Send DiCecco a request and he will provide you with the MGQ by the end of the trading day. 

✓ Daily Market Wrap

At the end of each day, DiCecco sends out a report summarizing his macro view of market momentum, and a quick review of all his open trades.