The Prepper's Financial Guide

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The Prepper's Financial Guide: Strategies to Invest, Stockpile and Build Security for Today and the Post-Collapse Marketplace

The Prepper's Financial Guide teaches you the other half of disaster planning—how to survive the economic turmoil that hits regions and nations after the storm has passed. It will teach you how to become self-sufficient and safeguard your valuable possessions. You will learn how to build an off-grid marketplace and reduce debt so you can save for the future. Ultimately, you will learn how to safeguard your financial resources before, during, and after cataclysmic events.

Praise for The Prepper's Financial Guide

"If you realize that there is more to 'prepping' than buying pallets of freeze-dried food and cases of bottled water, then Prepper's FinancialGuide by Jim Cobb is for you."

— Shelle Wells,

"Everything he presents is rock-solid advice."

— Dan Sullivan,

"I highly recommend this book if you don't have a great deal of financial planning experience. Even if you do, there are still a great deal of small takeaways this book offers that business school simply doesn't cover."

— Joshua Shuttlesworth, 7Ps Blog

"This is a book that every family in the world should have in their homes today, not tomorrow, today."

— Linda Loosli,