Baby Boomers

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The Baby Boomers are a generation known for their individualism, self sufficiency and focus on values

  • Baby Boomers are driving one of the biggest  demographic trends of the 2010s - 2030s
  • Largest cohort born between 1957 and 1961
  • Born 1943 - 1960
  • Did not get along with their parents (GI Generation)
    • Parents were builders and organizers
    • Boomers cared more about "social" issues
    • Were the "radicals" / hippies in the 60s
  • Childhood during "American High" of 40s and 50s
  • Very self sufficient and individual
  • Care a lot about values
  • Adults during the Consciousness Revolution
  • Aren't retiring as soon as previous generations
    • Want to live near their children (and grandkids)
  • Famous Boomers