DRC Capital

Founding Date

DRC Capital is an independent investment advisory firm specializing in the commercial real estate debt sector in Europe. It pioneered the emergence of investment vehicles dedicated to real estate debt investing in Europe. Its investment strategy focuses on originating new loans against good quality, liquid real estate assets with experienced borrowers.


Senior Debt Funds

DRC has raised and invested €600 million in its senior debt strategy and is currently capital raising for the fourth (UK) and fifth (Pan-European) funds in the series.

UK Whole Loan Fund

DRC’s UK whole loan strategy invests discretionary investor capital across a portfolio of unlevered whole loan investments in major cities and strategic locations across the UK.

High Yield Funds

DRC’s High Yield debt strategy originates mezzanine and whole loan investments across the UK and Western Europe and across all major commercial real estate asset classes

Segregated Accounts

DRC offers bespoke segregated accounts according to the preferred strategies and specific investment objectives of investors.