Eastspring Investments

Eastspring Investments is a global asset management firm with Asia at its core. It manages equity, fixed income, multi-asset, quantitative and alternative strategies as well as Shariah-compliant solutions for individual and institutional clients globally. It also integrates environmental, social, and governance considerations in all its investment processes and is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.



Eastspring looks through short-term market noise and focuses on fundamentals, trends, and valuations to identify quality companies with sustainable earnings. Active risk monitoring helps ensure the integrity of its investment processes.

Fixed Income

Eastspring seeks to capture market opportunities at cyclical turning points when interest rates or credit spreads are at their extremes. It further enhances returns through active interest rate positioning, credit selection and currency allocation.

Investment Solutions

Eastspring employs a disciplined, systematic but dynamic process to overcome behavioral biases. This process is based on a “Balance of Indicators” approach, using data-driven signals with qualitative inputs, applied pragmatically across different strategies, recognizing that no single indicator works consistently over the longer term. 


Eastspring identifies factors – such as Quality, Value, Momentum and Low Volatility – by observing fundamental, behavioral and structural dynamics, but validate them using an evidence-based research framework.

Assets under management: 248 billion USD (as of December 31, 2020)