Equity Armor Investments

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Equity Armor Investments is a leading wealth management firm offering advisory services to individual and institutional investors through proprietary funds, managed futures strategies, and outsourced advisory solutions. It conducts top-down fundamental analysis of global macro events to invest in for the long run. EAI works closely with clients to create and deploy hedging and derivative strategies to take advantage on a micro level and manage risk on a portfolio level.


Rational Equity Armor Fund

This fund seeks total return on investment, with dividend income an important component of that return. Stocks are selected based on a proprietary model comprised of the following factors:
  1. domestic factors such as unemployment rate, corporate cash flow, housing starts, auto sales, and new durable goods;
  2. monetary factors;
  3. interest rates;
  4. various index levels including gold index, energy prices, consumer price index; and
  5. international factors such as euro exchange rates, FTSE 100, Tokyo stock exchange, and agricultural exports.

EAVOL NASDAQ-100 Volatility Overlay Fund

This fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. It complements NASDAQ-100 Index securities with a distinct volatility hedge overlay that utilizes the same methodology as Equity Armor Investments VOL 365 Strategy.

EAVOL Index VOL-365

EAVOL Index is a daily rebalanced VIX futures trading strategy that is disseminated as an Index value by CBOE. The goal of the Index is to correlate to VIX futures returns.