Reaves Asset Management

Reaves Asset Management is a leading asset management firm that specializes in publicly listed infrastructure equities. It is an independently-owned company that manages investment portfolios designed to provide both income and capital appreciation. It seeks to generate high single-digit returns with lower market volatility over the long term. Portfolio reviews are conducted regularly to reassess conviction with the objective of attaining optimum exposure for each position.


Reaves Utility Income Fund

The Reaves Utility Income Fund is a publicly listed closed-end fund with an emphasis on paying a high distribution to shareholders through dividends and capital gains generated by its investments. The fund invests in infrastructure stocks, predominantly utilities

Reaves Utilities and Energy Infrastructure Fund

The Reaves Utilities and Energy Infrastructure Fund is a registered, open-end mutual Fund. The philosophy and management are consistent with the firm's Long Term Value Strategy employed in managing its separately managed accounts.

Virtus Reaves Utilities ETF

The Virtus Reaves Utilities ETF is a registered exchange-traded fund. It seeks to provide total return through a combination of capital appreciation and income through investments in equity securities of companies in the utility sector. 

Reaves Utility Income UCITS Fund

Reaves Utility Income UCITS Fund invests primarily in the electric utility, energy, communications, gas utility, water utility sectors, and the companies that support them. It intends to make high-conviction investments in companies with forecastable earnings and dividend growth at opportunistic valuations relative to the market and their peers.

Reaves Long Term Value Strategy

The Reaves Long Term Value Strategy is available to both institutional and individual investors on a separate account basis. It is managed with an objective to own companies in infrastructure-related sectors which can generate total return through a combination of dividend income and capital appreciation.

Reaves Dividend Income Strategy

A concentrated portfolio of approximately 15 to 30 equity securities with a primary objective to provide a high level of after-tax dividend income and a secondary objective to provide capital appreciation. This investment strategy is available to investors as a separately managed account.