Sierra Alpha Research

Sierra Alpha Research is a leading investment research firm focused on mitigating and managing risk in the markets through behavioral awareness. It combines the powers of data visualization, technical analysis, and behavioral finance to help clients improve investment processes, risk management, and client relationships.


Flight School

The virtual Flight School will walk you through the three steps of behavioral investing and challenge you to improve your process.

Weekly Flight Plan

Weekly video and report are designed to reinforce what you learned in Flight School and help you implement the three steps of behavioral investing.

Monthly Chart Review

Every month, you will receive a video and report that talk through the charts, themes, and insights you should know as you improve your own market awareness.

Educational Courses

Membership includes access to all current and future Educational Courses to help you along your journey of mindful investing.

Q&A With Dave

E-mail Dave and he'll circle back in less than 24 hours.