The Table Group

Founding Date

The Table Group is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations, and the people who work within them, become healthier and more effective. Founded in 1997, the firm has developed a wide range of products and services related to making organizations healthier, teams more cohesive, and employees more engaged and fulfilled in their work. Throughout the years, the firm has worked with a variety of world class organizations including Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, churches, schools, military and professional sports organizations. Today, The Table Group’s focus is on leading a movement to make organizational health a reality in companies and organizations everywhere.


Build a Healthy Organization

  • Discover the four disciplines of a healthy organization

  • Get a snapshot of your organization's overall health

  • Talk to a consultant

Create a Cohesive Team

Be a Better Manager

  • Hire and develop team players

  • Lead great meetings

  • Engage your employees