Vulpes Investment Management

Vulpes Investment Management is an opportunistic alternative investment management firm designed to replicate a family office structure. It aims to preserve and grow capital while offering downside protection and non-correlation through the use of arbitrage and volatility strategies. Vulpes currently manages largely partners’ capital, ensuring complete alignment with investors.



Long term opportunities can be found by owning and operating globally diversified and product diversified farmland portfolios.

German Real Estate

The German residential market has demonstrated an ability to provide for a continuing and scalable annuity-type investment, characterized by strong cash flows and a stable capital base, focusing on good tenant credit, high yields, and low cost of funds allowing for significant cash generation.

Life Sciences

There are opportunities in this often neglected area where one can find fundamentally undervalued technologies and businesses that offer an excellent long term risk/reward proposition.

Venture Capital

Vulpes views Venture Capital as an investable category that runs the whole spectrum from the earliest idea stages to the final round before a public offering. It is a compelling asset class for its potentially asymmetric returns.

Impact and Frontier Investing

Vulpes currently manages the only venture capital investment vehicle focused solely on investing impactful capital in early-stage companies and technologies in Myanmar which are seeking to disrupt and advance the development of the county.