Ashwath Balakrishnan

Ashwath Balakrishnan

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Ashwath Balakrishnan is Vice President of Research at Delphi Digital, a leading research firm committed to advancing the understanding and development of the digital asset market. In addition to his primary focus on permissionless financial applications, Ashwath also helps create insights-driven research for a variety of crypto verticals. He uses an integrated approach of behavioral and fundamental analysis to identify promising opportunities in the space. Previously, he worked as a Market Analyst focusing on the DeFi and derivatives sectors at Crypto Briefing, a crypto research and news media company. Prior to crypto, he was an Equity Research Analyst at Quantum Advisors, the largest institutional portfolio management firm in India.


  • Ashwath is the author and creator of the Market Psycles Blog, a publication that studies financial Market behavior.

  • Through this blog, he aims to help readers understand markets with logic and data – beyond what meets the naked eye.

  • He combines his knowledge of mechanics behind markets, economics, human psychology, and organized crowd behavior in markets.