Ian Easton

Ian Easton

Formal First Name

Ian Easton is Senior Director and Research Fellow at the Project 2049 Institute, a think tank producing future-oriented analysis of political, socioeconomic, and tech trends in the Asia-Pacific. In his roles, Ian studies defense and securities issues involving the People’s Republic of China. He also conduced independent and project-based research related to strategic and advanced technology developments in China. He is also the author of The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan's Defense and American Strategy in Asia. Previously, Ian was a visiting fellow at the Japan Institute for International Affairs, a China analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses, and a researcher for the Asia Bureau of Defense News. Today, Ian has over 2 years of professional research analysis and translation experience in greater Washington D.C. on issues involving Asia-Pacific defense, security, advanced technology, and foreign affairs.

Professional Experience


  • At CNA, he supported federally-funded research and development center projects of various U.S. government sectors.

  • During his time in Taiwan, he worked as a translator for Island Technologies and the Foundation for Asia-Pacific Peace Studies.

  • At Island Technologies, he consulted on the design of an advanced language learning software platform.

  • While at Taipei, he also conducted research with the Asia Bureau Chief of Defense News.