Michael Clark

Michael Clark

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Michael Clark is Vice President Global Head of Digital Transformation at Mastercard Data & Services, the professional services arm of Mastercard focused on driving value beyond the transaction. In his role, he drives disruptive innovation, agile principles, and execution of Mastercard's digital vision, in addition to leading digital technology setting and proving future signals in the areas of data, payments, and future commerce for Mastercard and its clients. Clark is a digital innovator, intrapreneur, and one of the world's leading data futurists with over two decades of experience in building and leading high-performance teams to solve the most pressing problems in tech. He is one of the most trusted advisors for numerous FTSE 100 companies and central banks worldwideyon how to harness the power of data. Clark is one the Founder of Cohesion 360, an innovation consultancy, where he has helped a wide variety of organizations to deliver innovative solutions to their problems. He is a global keynote speaker and plays a vital role in standards across the globe from GAIA-X to Open Banking APIs for Europe.

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  • At Mastercard, Clark is setting technology direction and building digital transformation products.

  • He cultivates fintech ecosystems to create cutting edge products and works with collaborative innovation teams to shape new propositions for clients.

  • He is focused on open banking and open data propositions, as well as partnering with startups to shape the Mastercard ecosystem.

  • He is also focused on harnessing next-gen payments and convergent technologies to create new experiences for clients.


  • Clark has been operating at the intersection of technology, business and cus and cus and cus and cus and cus and customer throughout his career.

  • He helps businesses understand, strategize, design, and deliver the next-gen of commerce and engagement across both digital and physical worlds.

  • He has deep expertise in the design and delivery of innovative digital products and cutting-edge platforms.

  • He has extensive experience in the areas of Web3, the metaverse, open banking, bank as a services, AI, VR, and emerging technologies.

  • He sits on various open banking regulatory standards bodies across Europe, helping to design the future of finance and its role in a digital world.

  • With deep expertise in the design and delivery of innovative digital products and cutting-edge platforms, he has played a key role in open banking and digital strategies for a number of tier one banks.



  • A highly sought after speaker, he shares his expertise on cutting edge business models. models. models. models. models.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.