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Seth Connors

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Seth Connors is a Senior Manager of Blockchain & Digital Assets at Deloitte. Seth has over 13 years of experience in Deloitte’s Risk and Financial Advisory practice, advising and specializing in the areas of assurance, risks, and controls. In his role, Seth leads a team of 12 engineers in building a Digital Asset auditing platform that supports over 36 Blockchains and thousands of tokens across millions of addresses from the ground up. He also advises financial institutions, consumer brands, crypto native miners, custodians, exchanges, and fintechs related to risk and controls. In addition, he is also a frequent contributor and author of Deloitte branded PoV’s on the topic of Blockchain and Digital Assets. Seth also developed the US firms national crypto and Blockchain SOC 2 third party assurance framework that has been used on multiple engagements and has delivered crypto and Blockchain learning sessions to thousands of professionals.

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  • Seth led groups of professionals in delivering internal audit, external audit, and advisory services through audit tools and technology.

  • He authored audit and assurance educational materials, and detailed assurance procedures over public and private Blockchain networks.

  • He is a frequent speaker on campus educating students on the risks and opportunities with blockchain and digital assets.


  • Seth has over 7 years of direct experience in the crypto and blockchain marketplace and was previously a miner on the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • He has over 10 years of experience in information security, has led several global engagements, and more recently led a series of blockchain risk related projects.


  • Seth has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.