...and Forgive Them Their Debts

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...and Forgive Them Their Debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption from Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year

...and Forgive Them Their Debts takes us on an epic journey through the economies of ancient civilizations and reveals their relevance for us today. This book traces the archeological record and history of debt, and how societies have dealt with the proliferation of debts that cannot be paid and their consequences. In the pages of this book, readers will discover how debt played a central role in shaping ancient societies, and how it continues to shape our world.

Praise for ...and Forgive Them Their Debts

"Michael Hudson reveals the real meaning of 'forgive us our sins.' It has far more to do with throwing the moneylenders out of the Temple than today's moneylenders would like you to know."

Steve Keen, Economist

"Michael Hudson is the best economist in the world. Readers often ask me how they can learn economics. My answer is to spend many hours with Hudson's books. You will understand economics better than any Nobel Prize-winning economist."

— Paul Craig Roberts, former Under-Secretary of the U.S. Treasury (Reagan Administration)