Common Sense Investing

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Common Sense Investing: Ten Simple Rules to Finance Your Dreams, or Create a Roadmap to Achieve Financial Independence by Investing in Mutual Funds with a Personal Financial Plan

Common Sense Investing teaches beginners how to invest money for both short- and long-term goals. Learn the basics that everyone needs to know about investment products like stock, bonds, and mutual funds, and the containers that hold those products, like IRAs, 401(k), Roth IRA, and taxable accounts. Learn why Warren Buffett, John C. Bogle, and most professional investors recommend that 99% of investors should use low-cost mutual funds called index funds. Learn what they are, what this means, and why they win.

Praise for Common Sense Investing

"Hide this book in a safe place because grossly overpaid investment advisors are burning every copy they can find."

Rick Ferri, CFA, President, Portfolio Solutions LLC

"Rick has produced a masterful financial guide for beginning investors and old hands alike. If you want to get started investing the right way, this book provides the clarity and backbone to achieve your financial destiny."

Bill Schultheis, Financial Adviser, Soundmark Wealth Management, LLC

"Rick has provided a great service. In terms that the novice investor can understand, he provides ten simple rules that provide the prescription for investment success. In fact, if you follow his rules you are virtually guaranteed to outperform the majority of investors, both individual and professionals alike."

Larry Swedroe, Principal and Director of Research, Buckingham Family of Financial Services

"Here are 10 simple, easy to follow, and proven investing rules. investing an hour reading this short book will make you a better investor."

Burton G. Malkiel, Princeton University, Professor of Economics

"Rick makes it super-simple to understand personal finance, regardless of your skill level. This book, along with his creative and straight-forward streaming videos, will get you and your money heading in the right direction."

Jeff Lehman