Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy

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Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy: A Complete Guide to Predicting & Avoiding Distress and Profiting from Bankruptcy

Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy is a premier business failure, insolvency, default, and bankruptcy guide. It provides financial professionals of every stripe with a master reference to the latest banking, credit, investment, legal, financial, and management thought and practice. With this wealth of authoritative information and practical guidelines, bankruptcy creditors, debtors, investors, and third party professionals will have everything they need to predict, avoid, manage, and profit from corporate distress.

Praise for Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy

"Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy is an excellent analysis of an increasingly important topic. Professor Altman is the premier scholar in this area, and this book is a fitting reflection of that scholarship." 

Ben Branch, Trustee Bank of New England Corporation and Professor of Finance, University of Massachusetts 

"Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy is an indispensable resource for all who are interested in bankruptcy. Ed Altman has collected, in a single volume, the history, legislative facts, statistics and analytic methods that I search for time and time again. This book is outstandingly comprehensive and up-to-date." 

Martin S. Fridson, Managing Director, High Yield Research Group, Merrill Lynch