Day Trading for a Living

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Day Trading for a Living: 5 Expert Systems to Navigate The Stock Market

Trading success depends on more than hard work. What you’ll need is knowledge, and wealth awaits herein. Day Trading for a Living is the definitive guide to understanding market trends. The information inside this book will place you on the path bound for financial independence. Inside, you’ll discover how to recognize trading patterns, proven expert systems to thrive with ease, indicators that will enable you to pinpoint subtle trend reversals, and when to enter and exit the market.

"I just finished reading through this book once. It is great for novice/newbies to learn about general principles of Day Trading and sound research strategies. All of this is to develop the best trading plan for you. based on your risk tolerance and goals. The book is written in a way that is easy to understand. Having said that, there is so much information passed along, techniques and strategies, that I plan to go through the book a second time with a focus on things I want to zone in on, more position and swing trades. There is a significant amount of analysis presented. In the end, just a great book to learn from. It does not promise an instant, get rich scheme, or a magic trick. Any respectable lesson would not promote those things. Instead, very sound information you can choose from."

— Lisa R. Luttrell, Toni Turner Book Review

"Good basic principles of Day Trading intermediary class. It's well narrated and the ideas are sound." 

— Azura S,

"A great little audiobook (and ebook) full of valuable tips and information. If you are interested in day trading this book may just save you grief and at such a economical price will definitely save you some money. Recommend!" 

— jimdmcd,

"A good book! I have been wanting to learn more about this topic and was excited to find a book to listen to. I enjoyed this one!!"

— Natalia Martinez,

"This audiobook is very helpful for people who want to try day trading. I have listened a few times and took notes while listening."

— Jey Cee,

"All sound advice but need the ebook to follow along with. I'm a complete newbie to the whole stock market thing so I need the visual aides. If you are already familiar with trading and the terminology then you would be able to put this information to use more immediately. Anthony Pica did great at the narrative. He was very clear and precise as well as having a pleasant voice to absorb the info."

— ABR-Penelope,

"easy steps to learn about trading this book will be useful to many great listen and great advice"

— Sandra,

"A short book for beginning traders. The author suggest a handful of reasonable trading ideas to start from." 

— Piotr Karas,

"Good information and easy to follow. This Series of Day Trading books provides some fairly easy to follow methods and good general information."

— Al Larson,