Day Trading QuickStart Guide

Full Name
Day Trading QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Winning Trade Plans, Conquering the Markets, and Becoming a Successful Day Trader

Day Trading QuickStart Guide debunks the myth that successful day traders are math experts, careless risk junkies, or compulsive gamblers. It goes beyond its pages to act as both a reference and companion on your day trading journey. Built around clear and easy-to-implement strategies developed over decades, the core concepts presented in this QuickStart Guide are backed up with proven risk reduction methods and winning trade strategies.

Day Trading QuickStart Guide Covers:

  • The Inner Workings of the Derivatives Market
  • Futures Trading: Contracts, How They Work and How to Use Them
  • How to Day Trade Options and Use Options Contracts to Hedge Against Risk
  • The Mechanics of Forex Trading and How to Use Foreign Currency Markets to Your Benefit

Day Trading QuickStart Guide Teaches You:

  • Day Trading Fundamentals, from the Anatomy of a Trade to Powerful Trade Plans For a Serious Edge
  • Technical Analysis, the Backbone of Finding and Executing Winning Trades
  • The Ins and Outs of Trading Psychology, a Key Aspect That Allows Traders to Rising to the Top
  • The Mercurial Markets Demystified, with Detailed Descriptions of the When, the How, and What to Trade in Changing Market Conditions
  • The Surprisingly Simple Way to Interpret Market Charts and Take Action Based on Your Findings
  • Technical Indicators, Patterns, Trade Plans, and Mistakes New Traders Must Avoid