Investing In The Modern Age


Investing In The Modern Age discusses the key topics in investment and risk management, the global economic situation, and the shift in global investment strategies. It contains studies of how investors lose money in derivative markets, examples of those who did not, and how these disasters could have been prevented. It presents tools and case studies of real applications for analyzing a wide variety of investment returns and better assessing the risks which many investors have preferred to ignore in the search of returns.

  • The book was largely written during the period of 2007-2012, one of the most tumultuous times in global financial markets.
  • It also covers risk arbitrage and mean reversion strategies in financial and sports betting markets, plus incentives, volatility aspects, risk-taking, and investment strategies used by hedge funds and university endowments. 
  • Topics such as stock market crash predictions, asset-liability planning models, various players in financial markets, and the evaluation of the greatest investors are also discussed.