Private Wealth Advisory


Private Wealth Advisory is a world-renowned, weekly investment newsletter written by Graham Summers. This investment advisory service outlines the most important developments in financial markets and recommends specific investments for profit. PWA helps investors navigate the markets to deliver outsized returns, by drawing on socio-economic, political, even cultural ideologies, as well as more traditional financial and macroeconomic analysis. From 2015 through today, Graham has shown his subscribers a success rate of 80% on all closed trades.

  • Each issue of Private Wealth Advisory is published every Wednesday after the market's close. 

  • A typical issue will be 15-25 pages in length, featuring Graham's incredible analysis of the latest developments in the economy and financial markets.

  • A typical issue of Private Wealth Advisory will also feature 1-5 actionable investment recommendations including: the names, symbols, and buy prices.

A six-month subscription to Private Wealth Advisory will give you:

  • 26 weekly issues of PWA, each running 15-25 pages long

  • Graham's unique insights on the most important issues in the market

  • Investments to buy and which to sell

  • Graham's Big Picture analysis

  • Real-time trade alerts for buy and sell recommendations

  • Copy of Graham's best-selling book, The Everything Bubble: The Endgame for Central Bank Policy