The 3 Simple Rules of Investing

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The 3 Simple Rules of Investing: Why Everything You've Heard about Investing Is Wrong — and What to Do Instead

Managing your money can be stressful. And confusing and complicated advice from the financial industry just makes it harder. By embracing commonsense solutions and rejecting investments that seem enticing but are needlessly complex, overpriced, and risky, you’ll put not only yourself in a stronger position but the entire economy as well. The 3 Simple Rules of Investing is a clear, practical, and enlightening book that introduces the three simple rules you need to follow and only a few investment products that are necessary for an ideal portfolio.

Praise for The 3 Simple Rules of Investing

“This may be the clearest and most valuable guide yet written to successful investment. It immunizes you to the parasitic financial services industry’s offers that you can’t understand and it can’t fulfill. If you read only one investment guide in your life, make it this one—elegantly boiled down to the essence of what makes sense and makes money.”

Amory B. Lovins, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

“Put your skepticism aside. Investing properly to achieve your financial goals can be accomplished by following the three simple rules contained in this book.”

Bob Huebscher, CEO, Advisor Perspectives

"In the world of high finance and investment, in which the top .01% and the wannabes who work for them are out to make lots more money with your money, without giving a hoot about your interests, this is one of the few books that we non-experts on such matters can trust to get us started."

Bill Domhoff, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of California at Santa Cruz

“This very practical book by four expert insiders cuts through all the nonsense and reduces successful investing to a few common-sense principles. It can help you and everybody else, except perhaps, the huge financial industry that generates lavish profits by misleading millions of investors.”

Richard C. J. SomervilleProfessor Emeritus and Research professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego