The Anti‑Bubbles

Full Name
The Anti‑Bubbles: Opportunities Heading Into Lehman Squared and Gold's Perfect Storm

The Anti-Bubbles contains a contrarian framework that challenges the status quo and complacency of Global Markets towards the misconception that central banks and governments are infallible and in full control. It sets out a forward-looking analysis of the opportunities, risks, and unintended consequences associated with testing the limits of monetary policy, credit markets, and fiat currencies. The Anti-Bubbles presents both sides of the story, including Larry Summer’s “prudent imprudence for fiscal expansion”, George Soros’ “reflexivity theory applied to monetary policy”, and Mohamed El-Erian's “T-junction and diplomatic neutrality.”

"Diego is one of the most original thinkers in the industry. His thesis for The Energy World is Flat literally changed my entire framework on oil and commodities in general. The Anti-Bubbles is equally profound and equally important.

"As the world lurches from one dangerous, central bank-engineered bubble to the next, the stakes are raised each time. Diego does a masterful job of not only explaining how reckless monetary policy and credit expansion are setting the world on course for disaster but also identifies solutions that can help investors protect their wealth and take advantage of the opportunities ahead of the upcoming crisis."
Grant Williams, Co-Founder of Real Vision Television

"Anti-Bubbles is a very timely and succinct book describing, in terms anyone can understand, how the world's central banks have to totally warp the world's financial markets on an epic scale. When this Bubble, that the central banks created, unwinds it will impact everyone and everything, just as 2008 did, only differently. Read this book to get prepared."