The Money Game


The Money Game is a series of stories on the games people play in the markets. Chronicled by Adam Smith, these stories reveal the myth, error, emotion, and irrationality that surrounds it all. According to the Scottish economist, the market—investing—is the greatest game of all. The ultimate goal is to make money. But for some, the goal is only about playing and staying in the game. All market participants make their own set of rules to reach their own definition of winning. And money is how the game is scored.

"This is a modern classic." 

Paul A. Samuelson, First American Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

"The best book there is about the stock market and all that goes with it." 

The New York Times Book Review

"Anyone whose orientation is toward where the action is, where the happenings happen, should buy a copy of The Money Game and read it with due diligence." 

Book World

" 'Adam Smith' is a veteran observer and commentator on the events and people of Wall Street.... His thorough knowledge of financial affairs gives his observations a great degree of authenticity. But the joy of reading this book comes from his delightful sense of humor. He is a lively and ingeniously witty writer who never stoops to acerbity. None of the solemn, sacred cows of Wall Street escapes debunking." 

Library Journal