The Treasury Bond Basis

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The Treasury Bond Basis: An in-Depth Analysis for Hedgers, Speculators, and Arbitrageurs (McGraw-Hill Library of Investment and Finance)

The Treasury Bond Basis has grown to become a mandatory reference book for every professional trader of Treasury Bond and note futures. Reflecting the numerous market changes, this book has been updated to cater explanations of valuing the short’s delivery alternatives. Including new discussions of global bond futures trading and applications for portfolio managers, Treasury Bond Analysis provides insightful analysis of the complex relationship between the cash market and futures market. The Treasury Bond Basis explores in detail how those opportunities have changed, and provides trading professionals with the updated knowledge and techniques to profit from, and manage exposure to, constantly occurring interest rate fluctuations.

  • The Treasury Bond Analysis 3E is an essential, updated guide to profiting and hedging using the "basis," from two top authorities on futures research.

  • This edition provides a comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of the relationship between these two markets.

  • It features new discussions of global bond futures trading and applications for portfolio managers.

  • The authors also added new illustrations, examples, and case studies covering every aspect of the bond basis.

  • Long valued as the essential reference on Treasury futures, The Treasury Bond Basis continues to provide investment and risk managers, institutional investors, securities dealers, and arbitrageurs with a clear and concise framework of the concepts and mechanisms underlying The Treasury Bond Basis.

The Treasury Bond Analysis Third Edition features:

  1. Basic tools needed for understanding the bond basis, from futures contract specifications to sources of profit in a basis trade

  2. A complete description of the short's strategic delivery options and how they can be valued

  3. Best alternatives for hedging with Treasury futures, including creating synthetic bonds, option-adjusted DV01s, and more

  4. A menu of basis trades, including selling expensive bases, buying cheap bases, buying or selling "hot-run" bases, trading the calendar spread, and trading RP special effects

  5. Strategies for putting together volatility arbitrage trades when futures seem to be mispriced

  6. Nine eras of the bond basis that have shaped both its pricing and the ways the contract is used

  7. An introduction to key non-dollar futures contracts--how they are structured, how they relate to respective cash markets, and trading themes in European markets

  8. Applications for using futures to manage duration and yield curve exposure and enhance returns on bond portfolios

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