Winning at Active Management

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Winning at Active Management: The Essential Roles of Culture, Philosophy, and Technology

Winning at Active Management leads an in-depth examination of vital issues facing the investment management industry. This book is a valuable resource for asset managers, institutional consultants, managers of pension and endowment funds, and advisers to individual investors. The book also contrasts traditional methods of portfolio management, based on accounting metrics and price-earnings ratios, with Epoch Investment Partners’ philosophy of investing in free cash flow and appropriate capital allocation. Drawing on behavioral economic theory and empirical research, the book makes a convincing case that many active investment managers can and do generate returns superior to those of the broad market.

Praise For Winning At Active Management

"In this highly accessible book, Bill Priest and his co-authors do a masterful job demonstrating the critical components of success for any investment manager: maintaining the right culture, developing a rigorous and effective investment philosophy, and embracing technologies that can capture greater value from fundamental insights. Investors interested in improving their results will benefit from the five decades of wisdom and experience that are so engagingly captured here, and come away with profound insights about the active/passive debate, how both culture and technology are underappreciated drivers of success, and the future of investing. Bill's highly successful career as an investor, innovator, and industry leader give this work tremendous depth and perspective―I strongly recommend it."
Blake GrossmanManaging Partner, CHJ Capital Management; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Financial Engines; former Chief Executive Officer, Barclays Global Investors

"While having the right corporate culture is essential for successful asset management, culture is surprisingly under-researched in financeWinning at Active Management is a bold step forward in filling this gap."
Campbell R. Harvey, PHD, Professor of Finance, Duke University; co-author of Corporate Culture: Evidence from the Field

"Bill Priest and his co-authors expertly capture what's at stake in the debate about active versus passive investing. In Winning at Active Management, they identify the styles and traits in active management that outperform over the long term."
Fleming MeeksExecutive EditorBarron's