You Got Screwed!

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You Got Screwed!: Why Wall Street Tanked and How You Can Prosper

Every day you read about another corporate scandal: loans to CEOs that didn't have to be repaid, accounting irregularities, profits that never existed. You think the stock market must have been rigged. And you're right. You Got Screwed! is the book that will tell you what went wrong, who the bad guys were, and what you have to do to restore your financial health. Cash alone isn't the answer. This book has the answers.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Bad Actors

  • One. What Happened?

  • Two. The Forces That Took Your Money: WorldCon

  • Three. Enron

  • Four. Rhythms Net

Part Two: The Failed Philosophy and Institutions

  • Five. All-Stocks-All-the-Time

  • Six. Executive Options

  • Seven. Mutual Funds

  • Eight. Brokerages

Part Three: Now What?

  • Nine. It's a Jungle Out There