Zacks Investor Collection


Zacks Investor Collection is an exclusive service offering a pooled package of eight long-term investment portfolios. You get full access to the services, winning picks, and commentary suited for every investor type—from growth to value to income. In addition to this, you'll receive proprietary research and tools, in-depth analyst reports, and the coveted Focus List. The highlight of this advisory is the Stocks Under $10 strategy, a cutting-edge method which isn't available to the general public or regular Zacks members.


Stocks Under $10

Get full access to a portfolio that is so exclusive it cannot be subscribed to directly. This service finds companies with low share prices that have vastly improving fundamentals and earnings outlooks. Then we apply the Zacks Rank and other key metrics to narrow down to those rare few stocks with the most explosive upside potential.

Home Run Investor

Turn up the best Zacks Rank growth stocks for the long haul. This portfolio discovers companies with robust earnings momentum that leads to a string of quarterly earnings surprises and a thriving share price.

Value Investor

Track stocks that are selling at 25-50% discounts and pounce just as the market is starting to notice their attractiveness. This portfolio patiently rides winners to their maximum long-term potential.

ETF Investor

Focus on a select handful of Exchange Traded Funds to pursue maximum gains. This portfolio will pinpoint the most promising market trends with the very best ETFs to ride them, without added risk and fees from buying stocks individually.

Income Investor

Leverage the Zacks Rank to find the best dividend-paying stocks for the long haul. Toss in some selected income-producing investments and you get outperformance with a smoother ride and lower risk.

Zacks Top 10 Stocks

Receive our annual service that provides the best buy and hold picks for the year ahead.

Zacks Premium

Command an array of professional-strength tools that are easy to use for individual investors. Use them to evaluate your portfolio, find better stocks and funds, and track your investments to sell when the time is right.

Zacks Confidential

This weekly briefing reveals the "Best of the Best" from our team of investment experts. Not only do they give you their most timely investment strategies, but also 2 to 3 of their top recommendations.